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Freelance Writer and Photographer – Paula Worthington

“A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.” – Grace Murray Hopper

My love of active travel takes me around the world, as well as to an abundance of incredible places in Canada, the place I call home.

I’ve walked for days across a country, wandered ancient forests, strolled with wolves, stared down the meanest of bulls, climbed a mountain, skied to quiet backcountry spaces, discovered new happy places, caught a wave, caught some fish, and created some incredible memories along the way.

This travel site is about creating and embracing everyday adventures, whether in your own backyard or oceans away.

I have a career in public relations that I love, but some of my best laughs, relationships, and memories were formed from travelling and experiencing life – on a trail, in the air, up on a mountain, in the water, in the city, or out in the country.

So get out there and try anything – once, twice,  it’s always better than sitting at home.

Happy trails,


Paula Worthington

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The title of this blog was inspired by a poem written by my dad, Keith Worthington, called “Early Season Outdoor Skate”. His work is at www.languageartstudio.ca

Early Season Outdoor Skate
Copyright Keith Worthington

A layer of ice smothered most of the rink;
enough was in place to make you think
it was better than sitting at home.

The edges were gritty as a hermit’s shed
or a derelict house the ghosts have fled—
better than sitting at home.

As you coasted above the grass beneath,
the bumpy surface rattled your teeth—
better than sitting at home.

Better than sitting at home.
Better than sitting at home.
If you longed for a day to skate and play,
it was better than sitting at home.


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